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Chic Studios

Chic Studios NYC: Focused Techniques

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The Focus Techniques Makeup class can be taken individually for those who have previous makeup training, or as a selected option during the 4-week professional course. During this course, you will gain further expertise and confidence within the focuses of Luminous Skin, Extreme Contouring, Smokey Eyes & Winged Liner.

Included in this course:

Certificate, Pro Card Membership Applications (over 15), Access to the Chic Pro Community

Prerequisites for this course are: submission of a High School Diploma, GED or College Degree and completion of our 4-week course or verifiable makeup training with equivalent hours. You must bring your own makeup kit during this workshop

 For all courses, classes, workshops or lessons there is a $200 non-refundable fee.

Course Date

Course Duration

14 hours

Course Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Course Content

Different styles of Smokey Eyes.
Step by Step Techniques to achieve perfected Smokey Eyes.
Product knowledge: for winged liner trends, luminous skin, smokey eyes & contouring the skin.
Step by Step techniques of Winged Liner.
Different styles of Winged Liner.
Step by Step techniques of Contoured skin.
Step by Step techniques of Luminous skin.

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