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Chic Studios

Chic Studios NYC: Makeup Lesson (3 Hours - 22 Hours)

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Course Duration: 3 Hours (up to 22 Hours)

Included: Certificate, Makeup products, a brush set + Model for class purposes

Chic Studios Makeup Lessons are 3 hours long (up to 22 Hours) and an exclusive one-on-one with a lead instructor to gauge your skill level and current experience so that as a school, we can figure out the right course for you. Our makeup lessons are open to individuals who are not sure where to start in their makeup career or do not meet the requirements for the Professional or Master Makeup Course (due to age or unpredictable schedules). In order to enroll, you must complete the form, select 4 dates that work for your schedule and process payment. Once we receive, we will email them back within 48 hours confirming 1 of the 4 dates and confirming a time (times available between 8am-8pm).

Enrollees will get to choose 1 Focus Technique of their choice (ranging from perfecting skin, applying false lashes, smokey eyes, winged liner, contouring, etc.). Enrollees are given the option to do makeup on yourself or on a model (Chic Studios will provide model for the lesson). Enrollees are also allowed to bring in their own makeup that they typically use but it must be clean and hygienic. Chic Studios is also able to provide certain makeup tools and supplies for learning purposes which the enrollee may use as well. Once the date is confirmed, the lesson is non-refundable and non-transferable. This is a non-certified makeup class.

The Makeup Lesson is designed for those who are unsure which program they want to take, and would like to meet with an instructor to navigate through their preferred course. The Makeup lesson is 3 hours, and can be grouped with several people who want to learn the same technique or 1on1.
Provided within the cost of the the 3 hour lesson is a model, brush set and makeup products to use during class. All enrollees are welcome to bring their own hygienic makeup kits to use for their lesson. Also, each lesson has the student select one focus technique to master. (smokey eyes, winged liner, skin perfection, contouring, defining brows and lashes to name a few).

Students who enroll into any professional course, after taking the Makeup Lesson, will be credited $300 towards their course.

For all courses, classes, workshops or lessons there is a $200 non-refundable fee.

Course Duration

3 Hours (up to 22 Hours)

Course Level

Course Content

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